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June 19 2015

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Remember that episode of Johnny Bravo when he meets a girl on the internet and she turns out to be an antelope

but really thats not the worst thing a person can turn out to be from the internet

I mean, imagine being a sweet antelope who meets a nice seeming guy online, then him turning out to be Johnny Bravo.

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Cern: The early years
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June 17 2015

June 15 2015

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it made me smile
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Somebody explain this to me

The car was left there for well over 20 years, and in that time a street lamp grew up through its engine and hood.

The phenomenon is seen more often with trees and older cars, but as cities expand and cars encroach on the street lamp’s home, this will become more and more common. It’s bad for both the car and the street lamp, as the car will obviously become immobile and the street lamp itself may exhibit stunted growth or a disproportionate bulb. The lamp seen above has a bloated fixture but only shines at 150 lux, in contrast to a healthy street lamp’s 500.

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Romanovs - the royal derp.
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June 11 2015

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Fox News Station Blurred Out the Nipples of a $179 Million Picasso Masterpiece

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